Tom Sellers

sellers.jpg (22919 bytes)Tom Sellers lived in Edinburgh, Scotland during the first half of the last century. From 1927 until 1938 he wrote twelve booklets which were published by George Johnson in London. Two further booklets, Magical Mixture and More Magical Mixture were published by Davenports. In his introduction to Magical Mixture (1943) Sellers states that he has released 16  booklets. This may include self-produced manuscripts, one of which I have a copy (Royal Flush - no date). See the Extra Instalment below for the latter.

So it seems I am missing three others. He also contributed countless tricks to various magazines, The Gen and The Magic Wand, the predominant two. On top of this massive output, he also sold tricks privately, and through some dealers. Sellers was quite simply an amazing man whose name seems to have become somewhat submerged.


On these pages you will find a few choice effects from his various booklets. The text has been revised but the tricks remain as they were. Sellers was an "ideas man" and I hope you get a few ideas from the items that have appeared in this section. I thank Martin Breese for permission to republish these items as Martin owns the copyright to all George Johnson publications, Magic Wand publications and Harry Stanley publications.

EXTRA INSTALMENT - full manuscript