From More Secrets (1933)

An ingenious silk production from Sellers. Perhaps this could be adapted to a pen?


The performer shows a glass and his hands to be empty. He now reaches into the glass and produces a silk handkerchief.


tomsilk.jpg (16875 bytes)A hollow wand sealed at either end with a hole a couple of inches off-centre. A glass with a half-inch hole in the side. A silk handkerchief with a small knot tied on one corner - the knot is dyed black. The silk is pushed inside the wand via the hole (or you could make one of the ends removable for this purpose). The corner with the knot protrudes from the hole.





1. Hold the wand in your left hand. Show the glass to be empty by rattling the wand inside it. Also show your hands to be empty.

2. Place the glass in your left hand with the wand so that the hole in the glass is over the knot.

3. Place your right hand fingers and thumb into the glass - grip the knot - and pull the silk into view.

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