From Card Tricks that Work, 1934.

Tom Seller's Ambitious Card where a card rises to the top four times. A different method is used for each phase.


Have a card selected, noted and returned to the pack. Control the card to third position from the top.

Give the pack a riffle then execute a Triple Lift revealing the selection has risen to the top. Turn the triple face down and remove the top card. Place this card on the bottom of the pack.

Give the pack another riffle, then execute a Double Lift showing the selection has again risen to the top.

Taker this double card and insert it face down into the middle of the pack - once it is about half way in push the lower card into the pack, leaving the upper card outjogged. Now cut all the cards below the outjogged card to the top, then push the jogged card flush. Give the pack another riffle then remove the top card showing the selection on top for a third time.

Before the audience has fully recovered from this triple effect, execute a Top Change. Now push the switched card slowly into the middle of the pack - give it a riffle - then show it on top for the final time.



From Seller's Secrets, 1931.


You begin by handing out a sealed envelope. Next, you show nine cards, each with a different number on it. Two cards are freely chosen and their numbers added together. The sealed prediction is the same as final total.


Nine cards numbered One through Nine. You could use playing cards. The order of these cards are 1,2,3,4,5,9,8,7,6. NOTE: Sellers had the cards running in strict numerical order. However, as you will see, this meant having to deal in opposite directions, with no logical reason given.

Write the number 10 on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.


Give the envelope to a spectator for safe keeping, then introduce the nine cards.

Deal the top four cards into a row - left to right. Place the 5th card to one side, then deal the remaining four cards onto the first four making four pairs, again dealing left to right.

Pick up the odd card and ask a spectator to tap any one of the pairs with it. Discard the other three pairs. Now have the numbers of the selected pair of cards totaled = 10. The prediction is opened and revealed to be 100% accurate.

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