From 21 New Card Tricks, 1936.

Most magicians know the card trick where a selected card is replaced in the centre of the pack, the pack is riffled and the card shown to be on top, having apparently been pulled right through the pack. Of course, the secret is that you made a Pass and brought the card to the top. The effect of the trick I am about to describe is similar only the selected card is returned to the centre of the pack face up.


A pack of cards.


Have a card selected, fan the cards and ask for the card to be replaced face up in the pack. As you square the cards, slip one card above the selection and make the Pass.

The selected card lies face up in second position from the top.

Hold the pack in the left hand in dealing position. With the right hand riffle the front end of the pack. After the riffle the right hand away from the pack then returns and riffles again. Move the right hand away and return for a third riffle. This time, as the right hand covers the pack the top card is instantly palmed, then the pack is riffled. The selected card seems to appear on top of the pack visibly.

PD NOTE: Sellers suggests an alternative handling: as the right hand palms the card, your left thumb makes the riffle rather than the right fingers. Because the right hand covers the pack, this is not seen and it is assumed the right fingers carried out the riffle as before. However, if you can execute a half decent Top Palm, your right fingers are already in position to riffle and the illusion is perfect.

The right hand with the palmed card leaves the pack showing the selected card face up on top. As you show it, remark, "This trick can only be done with the Nine of Hearts" - or whatever card it happens to be. As you say this flip the face up card face down while leaving the palmed card secretly on top.

You now remark, "I will place the card face down in the centre of the pack this time." You remove the top card and place it in the centre, riffle the pack, remarking, "Only one riffle this time," then show that the card has again come to the top.



From Scots Magic, 1939.


To begin you write a prediction on a card and leave this in full view of the audience with the writing hidden. You next hand out to five spectators, five envelopes, each containing a card, on every card is printed the name of a racehorse. After these cards and envelopes have been examined, the holders are requested to seal the cards in the envelopes. A spectator is now requested to collect the envelopes and mix them. You now take the envelopes and state that you will move one from the top of the packet to bottom for each letter in each horse's name - that the envelope that falls on the last letter will be discarded, and that the last envelope left will be considered the winner. You proceed as stated until only one envelope remains. This is handed to a spectator to open, and the name of the horse read out. This matches your prediction.


Five cards, five envelopes, a card to write your prediction on.

On each of the five cards write the name of a race horse. Each name must have five letters only, such as Mirza, Pasch, or the like. Place each card in an envelope and mark one of the envelopes with a small dot, also note the name of the horse within.


Pick up the card and write the name of the horse you mentally noted and lay it down without letting the audience see what you have written.

Hand out the envelopes, ask the spectators to open them and read the cards and remember the name of the racehorse. Have the cards replaced, collected and mixed.

Take back the envelopes and note where the marked one lies. If it is second from the top, leave it there. Otherwise, while explaining what you are going to do, casually cut the marked envelope to second from the top.

Now, if you spell each horse's name - as called out to you randomly by those who held the cards - placing an envelope from top to bottom for each letter, and discarding the envelope that falls on the last letter of each name, you will be left with the envelope that contains the horse you predicted at the outset.

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