A Trick with the Si Stebbins Pack

From Card Tricks That Work, 1934.


The performer has a card freely selected. He now lays two cards on the table. One of these cards denotes the suit and the other the value of the selected card.


An arranged pack set up in the Si Stebbins order, every card being three spots higher than the preceding card. Plus the four suits rotating in an known order.


False shuffle, have a card selected, cut the pack at the selected card.

Now deal off cards until you come to the twelfth card, this card will denote the suit and the thirteenth card will denote the value of the selected card.

When the pack is cut at the place where the selected card is removed, the twelfth and thirteenth card will always denote the suit and value.



From Sellers' Secrets, 1931.

Although Sellers uses a slate - a natural prop of that time - there are alternatives that can make a message appear. For close-up a double lift with a blank business card will work. (PD)


A clean slate is shown to the spectators. A number of cards are exhibited bearing such names as "Sahara," Indian Ocean," "Vesuvius," "CoraL Islands," Red Sea," etc., etc. One is selected. The name of the selected card is shown on the slate in a surprising manner.


A flap slate. A number of cards as above, say about twelve. Under the flap with a piece of red chalk write a large letter C. You are now ready to perform.


Show slate and lay on table. Now show cards and have one selected. Forcing the card with the name, "The Red Sea," receive it back and shuffle into the remaining cards.

Now ask the spectator to name the card he selected, and on his answering "The Red Sea" show the large red C on the slate.

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