From Magical Pleasantries, 1933.

The basic effect here is a favourite with Ricky Jay. (PD)


You introduce a pack of cards and cut them equally into two portions. You now offer a spectator a free choice of either half, then request him to shuffle his half while you shuffle yours. You now ask him to cut his half anywhere and show the card he cut to; nevertheless, when you cut your half you always beat him. If he cuts an Ace, you cut an Ace and draw with him.


Arrange the pack into two heaps as follows:

Two Aces, Two Twos, two Threes, two Fours, and so on, up to two Kings. Place the two halves together and you are ready to perform.


Cut the pack at the two Kings and offer either half to a spectator (free choice). Now ask him to shuffle his packet, while you shuffle yours. You of course only False Shuffling.

Now ask him to cut and tell you the card cut; as you know the arrangement of your packet, with a little judgement you can always cut higher than your opponent. Great fun can be had if you contrive just to beat him by one spot. If he cuts a Seven, you cut an Eight, if he cuts a Ten, you cut a Jack, and if he cuts an Ace then you cut an Ace also.

I finish the trick by exchanging the heaps and ask him to shuffle, while I do the same. As I do, I take care to locate an Ace and get a break at this point. I ask the assistant to cut just once more; of course, I win again. I immediately hand him my packet, but there is nothing to be found as both heaps have been genuinely shuffled. I have had a lot of amusement out of this trick. Give it a trial.



From Quick Tricks, 1935.

This effect is currently marketed by David Roth. (PD)


The performer shows an empty bottle and inserts the cork. The bottle, which has a conspicious label on the outside, is now wrapped in a piece of newspaper. After tapping with the wand the performer unwraps the bottle. "Perhaps you are wondering what has happened,"<>"Well, if you examine the bottle closely you will see that the label has passed right inside the bottle!"


Obtain a quart, clear glass, bottle and with a little manipulation get a label stuck inside. With the aid of very little wax, stick a duplicate label on the outside, over the one inside the bottle. A sheet of newspaper with plenty of wax spread about the centre is also required; also a cork for the bottle.


Exhibit the bottle closely, but do not tell the spectators what you are going to do. Pick up the sheet of newspaper and as you wrap the bottle up in it, press the well-waxed piece on the label.

When you unwrap the bottle the label will adhere to the newspaper, which is thrown aside.

You can now pass the bottle for examination.

Perhaps a little improvement in the effect would be to have the underside of the outside label covered with newspaper. Then you could show the newspaper on both sides when you conclude the trick.

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