From 21 New Card Tricks, 1936.

This is a rather ingenious effect. It requires a set-up, but if you can bring the deck into a card session with your fellow magi, you'll probably blow them away. (PD)


The performer (or spectator) deals the pack into four equal piles. A heap is now freely selected. The performer asks the spectator to name any Ace in the pack, when this has been done, the performer (or spectator) removes a card for each letter of the name of the selected card, when the last letter of the name is reached this is seen to be the chosen card.


When the pack is face down the arrangement from top to bottom is as follows:

AD - KS - JS - QH - AS - KH - JH - QC - AH - KC - JC - Any Card - AC - Any 34 Cards - QD - Any Card - KD - JD - QS.


Either you or a spectator deal the pack into four equal heaps, in a row. Now have a heap freely chosen. Tell the spectator that whatever heap he chooses you will use it for the trick.

If heap "one" is chosen - ask for any ACE and spell it out by taking a card from the top of the packet and placing it to the bottom.

If heap "two" is chosen - ask for any KING and spell it out in the above manner.

If heap "three" is chosen - ask for any JACK and spell it out as above.

If heap "four" is chosen - ask for any QUEEN and spell it out.

For Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds the card is turned up on the last letter of the name.

For Spades, the full name is spelled out and the next card turned up.



From More Secrets, 1933.


The performer borrows a cigarette, then shows a piece of ribbon with a loop at one end and a small hook at the other. He now attaches an examined weight to the hook on the end of the tape. Holding the cigarette at the extreme end with his fingers and thumb, he slips the loop over the other end. The weight is seen to be suspended from the top of the cigarette, yet it does not break. The loop is removed and the cigarette is given back to the lender with the remark that it is too strong for you.

Sellers says, "I am not sure if this can be classed as a conjuring trick, nevertheless, it is thoroughly practicable." Well, it's certainly a more subtle use of invisible thread than floating a dollar bill! (PD)


A weight (just heavy enough to be lifted by the thread), a piece of ribbon about two feet long with a small loop at one end and a small hook at the other. Attach a thread to the hook, this thread should be longer than the ribbon used. Tie the free end of the thread to one of your vest buttons, place the ribbon and hook in one of your vest pockets allowing the thread to hang free. You are now ready to perform.


Borrow a cigarette and allow anyone to handle the weight.

Remove the ribbon with hook from your pocket and attach the weight to the hook.

You now take hold of the end of the ribbon with the loop and place the loop over the tip of the cigarette, at the same time allowing the thread, which you will remember was attached to your vest button, to take the strain of the ribbon. See illustration (sorry about poor quality).

Hold the weight apparently by the end of the cigarette for a moment or so, then take the loop off the cigarette and return it. Remove the weight, coil up the ribbon and replace in vest pocket.

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