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A card is selected and returned to the pack. You cut off a section and fan it with the faces towards the spectator, requesting if he can see his card. He doesn't, so you drop the fan face up on the table. You now riffle the rest of the deck towards the tabled fan. When the fan of cards is turned over, the chosen card is found underneath, face downwards on the table.


Have a card selected and, upon it's return, control it to the top.

Hold the pack with your left hand as if for a Charlier Cut as in figure 1, then pull about 20 cards from the middle.

Make a one-hand fan, completely hiding the left hand section of the deck (fig.2).

Ask the spectator if he can see his card in the fan. As he's doing this, your left thumb pushes the top card to the right and it's gripped between the first & second fingers of the right hand (fig.3).

Once the spectator has confirmed that his card isn't there, separate the hands, keeping the stolen card pressed against the fan (fig.4)

Hold the fan level with the table and drop the cards. The selected card will remain hidden under the fan (fig.5). 

Now riffle the remainder of the pack you hold towards the tabled fan. Finally lift the fan revealing a face down card - ask the spectator to name his card, then turn over the card to finish.


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