From Magical Pleasantries (1933 or 1934)


You have the deck shuffled then ask someone to name any card. You drop the deck into your pocket and remove a card for each letter in its name as you spell it. The final card is the named card.


An extra pack of cards split into the four suits, each running on order. Place each suit into a different pocket and remember which is where. You also have one complete deck.


1. Hand out the complete pack for shuffling then take it back.

2. Ask a spectator call out the name of any card. Place the pack into the pocket containing the suit of the named card. Let's say he names the Nine of Clubs. Place the pack into the Club pocket so that the arranged suit is on top of the deck. s

3. Now start spelling the name removing a card from the TOP of the deck for each letter. Once you have removed one less than the value - in this case 8 cards - remove the remaining cards from the BOTTOM of the deck - then remove the TOP card on the final letter. This will be the named card.

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