The Twin Aces

From Seller's Secrets, 1931.


Two black Aces are shown. One is placed at the bottom of the pack, the other anywhere near the centre. A selected card is now placed on top of the pack. The cards are cut and selected card is now found between the two Aces.


A pack of cards.


Remove the two black Aces with an extra card concealed behind them. Place these cards face up in a spread on the table as two Aces - the extra card is aligned with the lower Ace and thus concealed.

Now have a card selected. The spectator retains the card.

Pick up the two Aces and place the packet face down on top of the pack. Place the top card into the centre, then place the next card on the bottom.

Ask the spectator to place his card on top of the pack, then to give the pack one complete cut.

Turn the pack face up and spread the cards revealing both Aces now together in the middle with the selected card between them.


Living or Dead?

From Tricks that Work, 1927.


You introduce five slips of paper on a tray or plate, each ARE identical. Five spectators each take one. You ask four spectators to write the name of someone who is living, and the fifth spectator to write the name of someone who is dead. Each spectator rolls his paper into a ball and a member of the audience collects the five papers in a hat. You are now fairly blindfolded. Reaching into the hat, you remove the balls of paper one by one, pressing each to your forehead. You throw one ball out to the audience, and this proves to be the slip with the dead person's name on it.

You are not limited to five people - this can be worked for any number of people. All papers are of the same size, colour and weight. All edges are the same.


One of the pieces of paper on the tray is perfumed. You simply keep a watch who selects it. The one who takes this piece is asked to write the dead person's name on it. As you pass each ball of paper to your forehead, you let every one pass your nose. You immediately know the ball you want by the smell of the perfume.

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