Power Trip

This is the first in a series of fully crafted multiple-phase professional routines - aimed at the magician who would like to perform something impressive without indulging in any difficult sleight of hand. Use any deck - No gaffs or extras are required. I have used this routine for many years because it is easy to do, packs a wallop, and is easy to remember!


An Impromptu Multi-Phase Professional
Card Routine. Very Easy to Do!

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Bringing out your deck, you offer to show the audience a wonderful Ace trick, and so you remove the four Aces and hold them face down. One by one the Aces magically turn face up. Then you say, “If you think that’s a good trick—I know an even better one with the four Kings.” At that, the Aces in your hand change into the four Kings.

A spectator now cuts the deck into four piles, and you deal a King onto each pile. Just as you deal the last King, you have second thoughts and you say, “Actually, I think we should stick with the Aces,” whereupon you turn over the top card of each pile revealing that the Kings have changed back into the Aces!

You now lay the Aces face down on the table in a square formation, and one is assigned as the leader Ace. You take the deck and deal three random cards onto the leader Ace. You then place three cards onto each of the other Aces. Without further ado, all four Aces immediately assemble in the leader pile.

Finally, as an afterthought, the four Kings make a sudden surprise re-appearance to bring the routine to its grand finale.

Use any deck. Easy to do.

Watch the Video Demo to see the Effect.
Note that I perform this a lot faster than I would in
a real situation in order to keep video size down.


Low Price of Only ... $10.50!