The New Collection of Mind-blowing English Mind Magic!

Once again,
Some of England's Top Mentalist's
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Following the success of Mind Blasters we now have:

Mind Blasters II - the Sequel!

220 pages! 45 Contributors!

Over 60 Sensational Routines!

Fully Illustrated with Photographs & Graphics.

What others are saying:

"Mind Blaster's II shouldn't be called a sequel as it outplays the best sequels of its time and stands alone as a solid book of original thinking. The absolute highlights for me: Lewis Jones' "The Odd Couple" and John Holt's "Hot List" as it uses a bold ploy I'm quite fond of.” - Patrick G. Redford (Author of Prevaricator +, Triangle, & Heptagon)
"In a market of oft overpriced and over-hyped ebooks, what a pleasure to discover the Mind Blasters series. In just 2 ebooks, Mind Blasters 1 and 2 you will find almost 500 pages of great thinking from some very bright minds in our art. Truly great work and more than value for the modest investment. I look forward with great anticipation to Mind Blasters 3." - Gerry Hennessey (Magic Café)
"This ebook is packed with excellent material from some of the top names in English magic! Exciting stuff!" – Cameron Francis
“Mindblasters II is a wonderful book, jam-packed with real-world gems. A terrific value for the money, and an investment in which you will not be disappointed. All ebooks should offer this much usable material. Highly recommended.” Gabe Abelson
“For me this is a sequel that's better than the original. Lots of practical effects, though I wouldn't put them all in the mentalism category. So also for those who like mental magic this is a must have.” Mentalist Bart Nijs
“Extraordinary value: Mindblasters II continues the tradition — easily lives up to the very high bar set by the original.” Winewizard (Charlie) on Magic Café



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