The Ultimate Collection of Mind-blowing English Mind Magic!

Some of the World's Top Mentalist's Tip Their Mitt!

“With over 200 pages of solid thinking at such a reasonable price there's bound to be something here for everyone. The absolute highlight for me was Andi Gladwin's "Mentalist’s Luncheon.“ Patrick G. Redford (Author of Prevaricator +, Triangle, & Heptagon)

"In a market of oft overpriced and over-hyped ebooks, what a pleasure to discover the Mind Blasters series. In just 2 ebooks, Mind Blasters 1 and 2 you will find almost 500 pages of great thinking from some very bright minds in our art. Truly great work and more than value for the modest investment. I look forward with great anticipation to Mind Blasters 3." - Gerry Hennessey (Magic Café)

Marc Paul tips his AAA Serial Number Divination for the first time! Genius!

John Archer creates any named card without a card index! Killer!

Wayne Dobson predicts a card at any named number! Stunning!

Scott (BIP Book) Creasey presents a Tarot miracle for walk-around!

Lewis Jones finds Any Card At Any Number! Clever!

David Penn explains his Drawing Duplication via Video link!

Russell Hall's ESP test looks like the real thing! Spooky!

David Britland reveals a hitherto unknown TA Waters sensation!

Paul Hallas reveals a name using Alphabet card!

Roni Shacknaey will scare you to death!

Todd Landman predicts the impossible!

Plus Much ... Much ... More! Read on ...


A Whopping 195 pages!

Over 40 Contributors!

55 Sensational Routines!

Illustrated with Photographs & Graphics

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