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You show five Alphabet cards which obviously spell the word L-E-V-E-L. You also show a white card with an perpendicular arrow drawn on one side, and a digonal arrow on the other. This, you say, is a home made spirit level. The way this card points can alter reality!


The cards are spread face down on the table in a straight line to represent the word "LEVEL" — as the cards are level on the table.


You now turn the spirit level so it shows a diagonal arrow. You now push the cards into a diagonal sloping line, so they are no longer LEVEL.


On turning the cards over, they now spell S-L-O-P-E!


The cards are free from any trickery and can be examined.


Easy to do.

PDF ebook - Fully illustrated



You bring out an envelope and remove three $100 casino chips which you place on the table. Now you show three cards: two are black spot cards, and the middle card is a red Queen. Without any moves, you lay the three cards face down on the table. The spectator is invited to bet $100, however, there is a twist to this betting game. If he finds the lady you promise to pay him $100. However, if he picks a spot card, you will double the stake and promise to pay $200 if he finds the lady on a second attempt. Again, if he picks a spot card you will now give him $300 if he finds the lady. So it is in the spectator’s interest NOT to pick the Queen!


In the end, all three cards prove to be spot cards. The lady is found inside the envelope. You get to keep your money. The spectator can keep the cards because they are ungaffed. Easy to do.


Includes a template to print your poker chips. Also includes a simplex version with no poker chips.


PDF ebook - Fully illustrated

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