by Peter Duffie

This is a direct variation on a card in card case effect that I published in 'Applications'. What follows is a different approach to the sandwich transposition plot, which the aforesaid effect in fact was. This time the pocket is used.


1. Hold the pack face up in the left hand and spread through transferring the two Jokers to the face, and tossing out the Ace of Spades face up onto the table, saying, "This card is commonly referred to as 'the bullet'." Close up the spread and obtain a little finger break below the three face cards.

2. You now perform Marlo's ATFUS. Bring the right hand over the pack and grip the three face cards from above in Biddle position.

Place the left thumb on the upper Joker and drag it onto the face of the pack, at the same time the right hand moves to the right removing the lower Joker with the extra card concealed behind it.

The right hand continues towards the table and slides the double card below the face up Ace and flips it face down. The face down Ace is now picked up square below the double and the small packet is brought back to the pack. You now apparently pick up the other Joker from the face of the pack below the right hand cards, in fact the right hand releases two cards and carries away the upper single Joker (apparently the three card sandwich) and places it into the right trousers pocket.

Turn.the Joker face inwards as you place it into the pocket.

3. Hold the pack in readiness for an overhand shuffle and pull inwards on the bottom THREE cards with the right thumb, then carry out the overhand shuffle, throwing the last three cards on top as a block. Spread the pack face down between your hands and ask someone to touch a card near the middle. As soon as he does so, flip the card face up leaving it in its position in the spread. Close up the spread and retain a break ABOVE the face up selection.

Immediately carry out a Cover Pass below the top card as you ask, "Remember the bullet?"

Next obtain a break below the top two cards of the pack and palm them into the right hand, this is done as you continue saying, "Well, the bullet will now fly out of my pocket from between the Jokers and straight into the pack right next to your card."

4. Reach into your trousers pocket and add the two palmed cards to the single card already there then bring out all three cards Jokers upwards. Appear puzzled that the Ace is still there. Finally spread the pack to reveal the face up Ace in the middle, and conclude by showing the selection now between the jokers.