by Peter Duffie & Zenneth Kok
Featuring Zenneth Kok

 Peter Duffie Comments:
I have watched Zenneth grow in magic over the years and his technical abilities with a deck of cards have become remarkable. Whether overt, or covert, his skill is now on a level with the very best. When Zenneth first approached me about this project I was happy to agree to it. However, my happiness turned to sheer delight when I saw Zenneth perform the effects. He had selected a collection of my routines and worked them professionally over a period of time - polishing and honing them to the nth degree. He added his own touches and created personal variations that I feel improve upon my original methodology. More than that; he has developed novel presentations and new plot twists that make these routines true audience pleasers.

 Collusion  is a collaborated effort by two of the world's finest card magicians, Peter Duffie and his student Zenneth Kok. All the routines in this DVD are visual oriented and require no more than an ordinary deck of cards. With 2 hours of performances and in-depth explanations, you will have tremendous enjoyment of this Scottish flavour of card magic.




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 Illusion vs. Reality – a startling two cards transformation and transposition

From Illusion to Reality
Optical, Optional
Two Card Transpo, in spectator’s hands

 D2  - a quick and visual transformation sequence

Double Double
Simpler Double Double
More applications of Double Double

 S3  - one move, many applications

Sandwiched Side Steal
S3 Orbit
S3 Transposition
More applications of S3

 Flight of Hand  – one of the best collectors effect ever created, period.

 Rooms for Maneuver  – a core piece of Zenneth’s magic convention act

Room for Maneuver

Total Running Time: Approx. 120mins