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Card Conspiracy Volume 1

Electronic Edition

125 pages

12 Chapters - 50+ tricks

150+ illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt.


Table of Contents

1 Biddle Force: 26 Faces North; Double Knavery; 25 Faces North + 1 South

Concealed Allerton Control: CAC Visitor; Only Joking; Anti-Matter; Anti-Matter Revisited; Final Control


Cut Force: Diminishing Matches; Beastly Assembly; Faith Counter; 51 Faces North


Daley's Delight Switch: Hotel Daley; Shifty King; Repelling & Attracting; Double Rouge et Noire; Daley's Do-as-I-Do


Daryl's Diminishing Count: Bad Guys Wear Black; Just a Little off the Top, Please; Repligator; Blackjack & Blackjacks

6 Divide and Conjure (Marty Kane)

Double Deal Turn-over: S.O.P. (Slightly Open Prediction); Blackjack Transpo; Coincidence - With a Twist


Fake & Unusual: Frazzle; R.I.P.; Magic Cards; I'm Thinking of a Card; Future Choice; Whitewash; Little Arrows; The Trick that Never Was

9 Gemini Count: Blabber-Mouths; Kings High

Gilbreath Principle: The Hustler; Dire Straights; Paranormalist; Power of Love; Hours of Magic


GB Switch: Center Countdown; Highly Visible Kings (+ Highly Visible move); Sequencer; Signature Peace


Hummer Principle: Thought Process; CATO By Numbers (Roy Walton); CATO Gets Married; CATO Gets Married Again; Hummer Plays Poker; Remote Control Poker

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Card Conspiracy Volume 2

Electronic Edition

170 pages

14 Chapters - 70+ tricks

150+ illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt.


Table of Contents

13 Interlocked Principle: Topmost; Blackjack Aces; Between 2 Worlds

Jog Switch: The Producers; JS Ace Production; Rags to Riches 


Kosky Switch: Compression Agents; Compression Agents Revisited; Fan Dancing Queens; Infallible Foolable Kings; Self Correcting Sandwich & variants


Misc. – General: Bottom Biddle Following Orders; Change-Over Queens; Clockwise; Con-found; The Piston; Shiftless Royalty; Impaired Royalty; The Ringmaster; Return to Sender; Traveling Queen; Vollmer Variant; Ambitious & Overworked


Misc. – Set-ups: Flexible Choice; Harvey’s Harvest; Domino Effect; Gilbreath Plays Dominoes; A Slight Slant on Slaight; Another Slant on Slaight; Iain Girdwood’s Unicycle Stack + The Accidental Diary

18 Prime Number Principle: Last Card Standing & variants; Prime Deal; Phake Dyce Trique

Principle of Nine:Fate, Chance & Science; Witchwatch; Teenwork


Karl Fulves’ Riffle Shuffle Control:For Christ's Sake; Murder Mystery; Mode 2 Order 2; Pokerevelation; Synchronicity

21 RSC Multiple Shift: Double Reversal; Four Wrongs Make a Right; Odd men Out

Robverse: A Card Between Aces; Contrary Toss-in; Data Collectors; Double Oreo Collectors; Streetwise Collectors; Focalized Aces; Mr. Memory Man; Psychicardtric; RV Visitor; The Intruder; Turning Tricks; Twisting the Connected Kings


Spread Double-Lift: Jumping Jack Flash; Jumping Jack Flash Returns; Pathfinders


Spread Half-Pass: Double Reversal; Well, look at that!

25 Stripout Reverse Switch: Flip-over Flush; Flip-over Couples; Near Miss; From Rags to Royalty; Guys in Disguise; Ahoy, Matey!
26 Three Card Catch: I'm so Confused!; The Mathemagicians; Collective Unconscious; Express Aces

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(Card Conspiracy Vol.3)

Electronic Edition

153 pages

14+ Chapters - 75+ tricks

150+ illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt.


Table of Contents


Biddle Force: An Unnatural Order; A Swindle of Suits; Observation Test; Name a Number, Any Number

2 Batch Mexican Turnover: On a Match; Mag(net)Ic; Looks Can be Deceiving; The Royal Road; Combined Forces; Rapid-Fire Aces
3 Bluff Jog: Some You Win, Some You Lose; Majestic; Unexpected Findings
4 Colombini Force: Spaghetti Sandwich; Multiple Spaghetti Sandwich; Royal Spaghetti Collectors; Quarterback
5 Face-up Drop Switch: Chroma Zone; Chroma Zone Transpo
6 Flip-Over-Switch: Flip-Over Anti-Oil-and-Water; Helium Aces; Hanky-Panky Hotel; Flip-Over Technicolor Hotel
7 Head-Over-Heels (HOH): Twinsight; Flight of Discovery; One Deft Move; Is It a Prediction, A Transposition, or What?: HOH Collectors; A Fair Deal
8 Open Double-Deal Switch: Military Card Trick; Double Dealin' Royals
9 Raised Interlocked Principle: The Eradicators; Thought Card Across; Invisible Card Redux
10 Re-Calculated Cut: Leo-Ben Stop Trick; Black Magic Prediction; Separated at Birth; Undo Cull-pability; Undo Cull-pability-2; Undoozy; Do Unto Others; Jack Attack
11 Pseudo-CATO: Guessing Colors; Moving Colors; Uncertain Separation; Indeterminate Conclusion
12 Royalty: The Inseparable Royals; A Trick You Can Count On; An Acrobatic Discovery; Noble Triumph; In Days of Old; Upper Class Weddings; Mythology
13 Survivor: A Known Survivor; Soul-Mate-Survivor

EGO Bonus Section:

: Chaos Theory; The Royal Clans: Return of the Lonely Card; Princes and Peasants; Deduction production: Two for the Road.

Flip-Flop Force:
Finding the Flipping Aces; Flashy Mates; Flashy Flush; Flip-Flop Marriages; The Attractors; 1-2-3 Elevator Aces; Elevator Mates; The Ones We Can’t See; More Diminishing Matches; I Spy; A Royal Display; Royal Flip-Flop-Jog.

Misc. Extras
: Shape-Shifter Blues; Shape-Shifter Blues-2.

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