Mind Master

Now available in E-format
New Electronic & Streamlined Version of this Best Seller!

For almost 10 years this has been my biggest selling trick in Europe & the USA. Only available from Hank Lee now. Once Hank's remaining stock goes there will be no more. If you want this already made up in its original design, go to Hank Lee's Magic Factory. But be quick as he can't have many left.

Or make it yourself. With recent modifications and improvements, this e-version no longer relies on carefully printed card designs. You can just as easily write the cards by hand now, and still do the trick. Plus you get a bonus, due to the modification, of being able to perform an additional prediction to open with!

For those who decide to print the cards, and while the template is embedded in the PDF, you will also receive an MSWord.doc which will allow you to edit & resize to suit.

 E-manuscripts - PDF format - emailed to you direct.



You give a spectator a small pocket diary. From a choice of over sixty names written on cards, a second spectator mentally selects a husband and wife. The choice is free; there is no force of any kind.

You (or a spectator) read out a letter that has been in full view from the beginning. The letter reveals the date of the couple's wedding.

The first spectator opens the diary to that date.

For the first time, the second spectator announces the names he is thinking of. Let's say it's Mr. and Mrs. Ford.

Spectator number one reads out what is written in the diary on the predicted date. "Mr. & Mrs. Ford!!" Wow!

Completely self-working.
Use any Diary.
No forcing.
No binary Codes.
No Cue Sheets.
No reset.
It's a knock-out!

Price of Only ... $10.50!

Please allow 24 hours for email delivery.

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