Double Jeopardy

"I performed Double Jeopardy at a social gathering last night, and totally blew everyone away. I used the Simplex Version and I really love it." - Bob Taylor, USA


Foresight is a wonderful thing!

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The performer removes a card that has plenty of while space on its face from the deck – say, the Two of Hearts - and writes a prediction on the face of this card with a marker pen. The prediction is left face down on the table. A spectator now selects a card from the deck (say the JS), after which the card is lost back into the deck. The deck is now given to a second spectator who - only now - names ANY number. To keep the routine moving along you suggest he thinks of any number between 1 and 30. He might name 17. He now deals to the 17th card and places this card on the table next to the prediction.  Now for the amazing finish.

1) The card he dealt to is turned over and proves to be the other spectator’s selection, the JS!

2) You remind the audience that the second spectator thought of ANY number – in this case it was 17 - your prediction card is turned over and it bears the number 17!! 

Watch the Video Demo to see the Effect.  


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